RE-PLACING TILES OR STONE: Re-placing Tiles or Stone can be done. This process is very delicate work & must be done by an experienced Technician. All Tile & Stone have their challenges & not having the necessary experience could land you the customer & the Technician in a nightmare. The Grout Guys of Bay Area charge a per Tile rate & if other tile happens to be cracked or damage during this process the customer will not be charged for this. Before we take on any job the customer must have the tiles they want installed there. There are times where upon request we will try & find tiles but this becomes very costly for a customer. We recommend the customer does foot work on their own to keep job cost effective.

RE-GROUTING ON TILE & STONE JOBS: Re-Grouting is not always necessary. An assessment by our Estimators or Technicians is a must. We will give you an honest solution. Most of the time a deep cleaning & minor re-grouting will do. Grout can never be 100% color matched but we do the absolute best to blend. If total or minor re-grouting is needed then when getting estimates make sure yours includes the proper prepping for re-grouting your job. Grout does not stick to grout so all existing grout must be removed. Also be aware that this is a very hard & dusty process & if proper technicians are not doing work then more damage than before start can happen.

If there is a lot of cracking in your existing grout you must also know that this is not normal & there may be another problem. An under lament improperly installed can cause movement. Grout is basically cement with no flex. So if Tile has been set directly to wood or Hardi Backer not screwed in properly you will get movement. So re-grouting may in actuality be a waste of money. The cracking will eventually return. The Tile needs to be redone correctly. Re-enforcement from under may be solution if reachable.

JOINT MORTAR REPAIR: The Grout Guys of Bay Area also can repair your Joint Mortar in Flag Stone or any other Stone jobs.

TRAVERTINE PIT FILLING:The Grout Guys of Bay Area also specializes in filling pits in your Travertine. This Stone being one of the most beautiful & popular can also be the hardest to keep clean. Pits grabbing all dirt can become a problem real quick.

If your stone has holes that are opening up these can also be repaired along with any stress cracks that may open up in the floor.


Marble, Granite, Terrazzo and other natural stones require maintenance. Many commercial properties and residential customers are under the impression that stone needs no care or maintenance. This is not true. Over time all natural stones will become scratched, etched and damages. THE GROUT GUYS have developed a maintenance program that will guarantee you will never face restoration costs if your stone is maintained by THE GROUT GUYS. With many years of experience in the maintenance business THE GROUT GUYS can keep your stone looking like new forever. For a free consultation and inspection of your facility call or email.

We also offer maintenance services for ceramic tile and grout. Our Tile and Grout services will keep your tile and grout looking like new.