Porcelain & Ceramic Tile’s are extremely durable & can last a life time if cared for properly. The grout between the tiles is very permeable and will openly attract dirt and stain when not sealed. The use of bleach or Acid cleaners on Non-Sanded or Sanded grout joint’s can cause deterioration as well as discolor colored grout. But may be used for periodic deep cleaning & then immediately grout resealing. Those Commercial or Residential end users that have steady Janitor or Maid services should always know what they are using on the Grout & Tile. Customer’s at times will blame the original Tile setter for not sealing well when in actuality their cleaning people removed sealer with 1st cleaning with wrong product.

GROUT SEALING: Sealing your Grout is the final step to tile restoration, and it should be carried out every year to maximize protection and avoid permanent discoloration and damage. Your Porcelain & Ceramic tiles for most part do not need sealing. Apart from Ceramic Pavers the grout lines are what you protect. The aesthetic look may be affected and detracted from if not adequately maintained. The Grout Guys of Bay Area will make sure that your Tile & Grout is preserved in its state of brand-new elegance for years to come.

RE-GROUTING:Re-Grouting is not always necessary. An assessment by our Estimators or Technicians is a must. We will give you an honest solution. Most of the time a deep cleaning & minor re-grouting will do. Grout can never be 100% color matched but we do the absolute best to blend. If total or minor re-grouting is needed then when getting estimates make sure yours includes the proper prepping for re-grouting your job. Grout does not stick to grout so all existing grout must be removed. Also be aware that this is a very hard & dusty process & if proper technicians are not doing work then more damage than before start can happen.

If there is a lot of cracking in your existing grout you must also know that this is not normal & there may be another problem. An under lament improperly installed can cause movement. Grout is basically cement with no flex. So if Tile has been set directly to wood or Hardi Backer not screwed in properly you will get movement. So re-grouting may in actuality be a waste of money. The cracking will eventually return. The Tile needs to be redone correctly. Re-enforcement from under may be solution if reachable.

GROUT COLOR SEALING/STAIN JOB:Color sealing grout offers the maximum level of grout stain defense and significantly lessens the regular maintenance necessary to keep your Grout & Tile clean, dazzling, and lively. Color sealing makes a protective layer that prevents dust and stains from entering into the grout, making your grout non-porous. Your new grout color is now protected from fading while the dirt is wiped clean regularly. No more harsh or abrasive chemicals are needed again. Neutral cleaners now recommended.

The benefits of carrying out this procedure are:

  • Helps you conserve the new appearance of the grout
  • Locks in Uniform Grout Color
  • Avoids Staining
  • Same Day Renovation
  • Chance to Change Grout Colors
  • Makes Tile Cleaning & Protection Easier
  • Makes Grout more sanitary
  • Restores your existing saving money on having to do new